Frima Rational Vario Cooking Centre VCC311

Price (ex vat): £ 12000
The Rational VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® 311+ features a massive 150 litre capacity pan, capable of cooking between 100-500 meals per day with the added ability to pressure cook. Boiling, frying and deep frying all in the same unit with the VarioCooking Control you can devote attention to other duties in the kitchen safe in the knowledge your VarioCooking Centre has full control over the cooking duties and will alert you should the need arise (steaks - need turning etc) along with a countdown until the cooking is finished.
The 311+ also comes with a manual mode, for cooking with conventional methods, boiling, frying and deep frying all in the same unit. The versatility this machine can offer your kitchen is undeniable, with the ability to cook unsupervised, slow cook overnight and prepare an very large volume of meals this particular unit can replace several conventional appliances in the commercial kitchen, and save you money whilst doing so.

• Core temperature probe with 6 measuring points with patented core temperature probe holder.
• VarioDose automatic highly accurate water filling device.
• Pressure cooking.
• Fixed waste water connection possible as unit incorporates integral pipe isolating section.
• VarioBoost® patented heating system.
• Pan base FrimaTherm® - efficient and hard pan base made of three inseparable steel layers.
• Cooking process control with microprocessor.
• Integral socket.
• USB port.
• Integral ON/OFF switch.
• Variable foreign language display for messages from the unit.
• Temperature unit can be toggled between °C and °F.
• Digital temperature displays.
• Actual and target value displays.
• Digital timer, 0-24 hours with permanent settings, may be toggled between hour/min and min/sec.
• 24-hour real-time clock.
• Material: stainless steel DIN 1.4301, inside and outside.
• Seamless hygienic pan with rounded corners.
• Cooking pan tilted by electric cylinder.
• Service Diagnostic System with service messages displayed automatically.
• Protection class IP X5.

Weight: 251kg

Additional functions
• AutoLift raising and lowering device (baskets for boiled and deep-fried food)
• HACCP datamemory and outputting via USB port
• Individual programming of 350 cooking programs
• Delta-T cooking
Power: 45kw