Mono FG029 Automatic Donut Doughnut Fryer

Price (ex vat): £ 2400
— Produces up to 900 immersion fried yeast doughnuts per hour

— Available with immersion or float frying facility

— Suitable for producing a range of products including ring, finger and ball doughnuts

— Hygienic stainless steel construction, inside and out, for ease of cleaning and long-term durability

— Oil quickly and easily drained for efficient oil changes

— Locking safety castors for effortless positioning and genuine stability

— Thermostatically controlled oil temperature

— Each tray can hold up to 45 doughnuts

— Electrical timer with audible alarm

— Suitable for tray size 30" x 18"

— Fitted with safety guards to conform to the strictest safety requirements

— Comes complete with stainless steel off-take drainage trays